Are you using content library’s? Cause you should be!

Background A few versions back VMWare introduced Content Libraries as a way to store and organize data within your VMWare environment. Content Libraries allows admins to store common data (ISO Images, OVF Templates and Templates) in a central repository. Gone are the unorganized datastore folders and searching through each one to find the correct version … Continue reading Are you using content library’s? Cause you should be!

NECCDC 2019: Black Team Perspective

Overview: A few weeks ago, Champlain College hosted the regional chapter for the North East Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC), and I had the pleasure of being the Black Team Captain. For those who are not familiar with NECCDC or CCDC for that means, CCDC is a cyber defense competition structured around building, maintaining and … Continue reading NECCDC 2019: Black Team Perspective

Fixing the Invalid Certificate on PowerCLI

I have recently been working on a fair bit of PowerCLI for a Cyber Defense competition called NECCDC. Every time, when I connect to vCenter, I receive this following error. This error occurs when the default VMWare certificates are not replaced with trusted/matching ones. To resolve this, you need to run the following command. Set-PowerCLIConfiguration … Continue reading Fixing the Invalid Certificate on PowerCLI